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Design, is about communication. Translating the language of the communicator into the language of the recipient. Ideally the message translates to many recipients. At it's best, great design brings people together in a common feeling.

Life is about stories. We like to help tell them.

We have a 5 part process:


1) Identity

2) Voice

3) Purpose

4) Expression

5) Design

Key components in expressing a personal credo or creative campaign.

The Poet Society is a network of working Designers: Graphic Design, Designers of Apparel, Content Producers, Musicians, Videographers, Producers, Engineers, Filmakers, Poets, Writers & Artists.

Our most important step is understanding your vision. Once we etch out the clarity of that vision; together we strategize a creative design plan & employ our resources to produce, whichever part needs development.

We have the added, unique benefit of the personal input of Poet Ali. A creative whose understanding of the fluidity between design and the elemental interconnection of all things is part of our core design tenements. He is on our Board of Directors and has direct input on ever project that we accept.

Our team of expert designers have helped paint the vision for many impact & legacy based creators. We have an extensive network of partners. The Poet Society services five areas of design:

  • Audio

  • Visual

  • Live Events

  • Apparel

  • Literary

We look forward to working with you and hearing your story. Ours has many faces and many races and many places.


The Poet Society Est. 1981

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